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Your Legal Protection Is Our Priority

Landster provide you legal assistance in all legal matters concerning buying and selling of property in Pakistan. Our legal team has always prioritized the legal protection of our valuable clients in all transactions of real estate (sale, rental, purchase residential, commercial, or land real estate). If you are planning to develop or buy a house or seeking a construction permit in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, our team of experts and professional lawyers will support and advise you throughout the process. We provide the following legal services in your real estate matters:

  • We prepare real estate buying, selling, renting, acquisition,and construction contracts for you. We also solve any disputes arising from these contracts
  • We provide legal assistance and advice on signing the sale/purchase contracts
  • We assist you in calculating the costs involved in the purchase before the purchase
  • We verify the chosen property to confirm that it does not have any legal issues
  • We draft, investigate and verify all the documents on the day the contract is signed
  • We provide legal advice and information on all matters relating to taxes arising from the transaction
  • We assist, inspect and verify the Certificate of Title
  • We advise or negotiate on behalf of the client on the transfer of title
  • We help in obtaining NOC, if required
  • We prepare a property purchase book which contains all the documents relating to the required instructions and warnings relating to the owner’s legal obligations
  • We seek buildings and construction permits, so you can keep all of your focus on construction
  • Land registry excerpt is a document that includes current identification data (such as full name of owner, description of the property), legal situation, or status of a real estate. Whether you need to obtain land registry excerpts from legal entities or need its verification, we are here to assist you!
  • We assist you in the submission of a request to the Land Registry for change of possession
  • In short, Landsters provides you complete legal assistance and advice in all of your real estate dealings


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