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Do you know the true value of a property you are ready to buy or sell? If no, we have got your back! Landster provides the most accurate property valuation services to both buyers and sellers in Pakistan. Whether you are interested in selling or buying a residential real estate (such as plot, house, apartment/flat, villas), commercial buildings (flats, apartments, warehouses), factories/mills or land real estate in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, we provide you with an accurate property valuation report before buying or selling a property.

We inspect the property and consider location, special features and market conditions. After inspection and assessment, we provide you with an accurate property valuation report. This report indicates the accurate market worth and the near future price of the property you are interested in buying or selling. It also gives you market insights to understand when is the right time to buy or sell, so buyers and sellers can maximize their returns by a deep understanding of their new investments or the true worth of a property which they are intending to sell.

We provide valuation of property for the following reasons:

  • The seller gets an idea of the current market worth of a property before selling it
  • The seller gets an indication whether he should sell his property now or wait until the real estate market picks up
  • Landlords evaluate the rental income and understand how to achieve the highest possible ROI on a rental property
  • For visa purposes, you need an asset value declaration certificate
  • You need property valuation for insurance of your property, home mortgage and financing purposes


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