May 2022

role of technology in real estate

Role Of Technology In The Evolution Of Real Estate

Technology In The Evolution Of Real Estate  Is technology playing an important role in the evolution of real estate? The role of technology in real estate has transformed Pakistan's property industry. The property and real estate systems are century’s old, dating back to the British Raj period. However, technological advancements and innovations have changed the way we manage property in...

Best return on Investment

Best Return On Investment In Pakistan

Best Investment Return Opportunities in Pakistan Do you want to get the best return on investment in Pakistan? At the same time, are you unsure where to invest all of your money in Pakistan because you are unsure of the credible investment opportunities in Pakistan? Don't be worried!!! We've got your back. We will give you a list of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan, where you can instantly...

Green Line Metro

Blue And Green Lines, Metro Will Operate On Regular Roads In Islamabad

Blue And Green Line Metros Will Operate Alongside Traffic Until Dedicated Tracks Are Built Islamabad: CDA has planned to start the Blue and Green Line Metro Bus Service with regular traffic until new designated tracks are constructed, reported a news source. The Blue Line would travel Korang Bridg0e Expressway to Faizabad metro bus station, while the Green Line will run from Bhara Kahu to the...

Renovate the Faisal Masjid

CDA Aims to Renovate the Faisal Masjid

The CDA Established A Dedicated Wing For Faisal Masjid Maintenance And Renovation. Islamabad: According to reports published on May 7, 2022, the capital city administration has decided to establish a distinct branch dedicated to repairing, maintenance, and upkeep of the Faisal Masjid A comprehensive horticultural, maintenance, electrical, and civil works staff will be assigned to the new wing. Faisal...

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