June 2022

Swat First Ever Software Technology Park

Swat’s First-Ever Software Technology Park Becomes Operational

First Software Technology Park In Swat Is Now Open For Business SWAT: The first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) created software Technology Park is now Operational in Swat.     The Pakistan Software Export Board established the software technology park in collaboration with Vertex Tower. Businesses have begun to occupy the 17950 square feet of office space in the Software...

CDA Has Approved Proposed Flood Preparation Measures

 CDA Has Approved Proposed Flood Preparation Measures

CDA Implements An Emergency Response Plan For Monsoon Rainfall ISLAMABAD: Chairman Capital development authority and Chief commissioner have an authorized resource allocation plan to coordinate flood relief readiness and emergency response in looming pre-monsoon rainfall projections.   According to sources, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has been designated convener of the Dist. A disaster...

Warm Calls or Cold Calls

Which Is Better for Sales Prospecting: Warm Leads Vs Cold Calls?

Cold Calling Vs Warm Leads What exactly does the phrase "sales call" mean to you? If it up images of a salesperson contacting someone they don't know and with whom they've never spoken before to try to sell a product or service that the person answering the phone may or may not be interested in, you're not alone. This method is known as "cold calling," Many people believe that cold calling is no...

Prices of construction materials

Prices Of Construction Materials Soar Amid Fuel Hike

In The Midst Of A Fuel Hike, The Cost Of  Soars Islamabad: The cost of construction materials has risen in tandem with the skyrocketing price of petroleum products. According to details, market dealers raised the prices of construction materials in response to the increase in the prices of petroleum products.   With rapidly rising petroleum prices, construction material prices have...

Investment Vs Saving

Difference Between Savings and Investment

What is the Difference Between Savings and Investment? People frequently use the terms "saving" and "investing" interchangeably. They are, however, not the same. Saving means putting money aside to achieve your goals. Investing is the process of putting money into something with the expectation that its value will increase over time, giving you the opportunity to create more wealth. So the...

Rawal Dam Interchange Completed By September 2022

Rawal Dam Interchange Completed By September 2022

Rawal Dam Interchange Likely To Be Completed By September ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, after the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), was awarded a stalled project of Rawal Dam Interchange, the development site is in full motion, and it is projected to be finished in September 2022 a month ahead of its initial competition timeline. After the Frontier Works Organization was awarded a stalled project of Rawal...

Pakistan raise six places on world tourism

Pakistan Tourist Ranking Raised Six Spots

Pakistan Has Moved Up Six Spots In The World's List Of Best Places To Visit According to the World Economic Forum's most recent study, Pakistan has raised six places in the International Travel and Tourism Development Index (WEF). The Travel and Tourism Development Index 2021 includes 117 nations. The index rates countries based on a collection of variables and policies that enable each country's...

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