80 Water Filtration Plants Installed In Islamabad

80 Water Filtration Plants Installed In Islamabad

CDA, 80 Water Filtration Plants Have Been Installed In Islamabad

Islamabad: According to a news source, CDA installed 80 water filtration units in Islamabad to provide citizens safe drinking water.

Plants were installed and made operational in 20 G and I sectors, including G-6, G-8, G-9, F-6, F-7, and F-8. These plants are expected to be operating within two months.

A previously inactive water filtration plant in the Korang area was also brought back to life. It would add around two million gallons of water to the system’s water supply. All of these techniques have contributed to the area’s increased water pressure and supply.

water filtration plants

The federal apex agency was also taking stern action against the unlawful service stations in order to improve the federal capital’s water storage.

The CDA had previously erected roughly 40 filtration plants throughout the city, but they had remained inoperable for a long time due to a lack of regular maintenance. Many of them have been restored to working order.

Officials from the CDA, on the other hand, said the municipal body should engage private enterprises under the social corporate responsibility programme to maintain the filtration facilities (CSR).

Meanwhile, according to the press release, the water supply directorate has submitted a proposal to the CDA management for the establishment of filtration facilities in I-14 and Alipur, and work on it will begin the following approval.

The CDA also urged citizens to save water and avoid squandering it, saying that fines would be enforced if water was wasted.


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