CDA Operates Anti-Encroachment Operations in Islamabad

CDA Operates Anti-Encroachment

CDA Operates Anti-Encroachment Operations in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started extensive operations to fight encroachment.

These operations, which were carried out with the help of many departments, went after illegal settlements and encroachments in a range of areas. The goal was to get public land back for development.

Enforcement authorities used heavy gear to demolish many rooms and animal shelters in Sector I-12, clearing 275 kanals for sector development.

Unauthorized hotel rooms and tyre stores were removed from government land in Sector I-10/3.

Responding to public complaints, an operation near G-6 Melody Market removed illegal counters and makeshift buildings, eradicating cartels and prohibiting roadside setups to secure public spaces.

Three encroaching mafia trucks were also seized.

CDA Anti-Encroachment Operations

Violations exceeding plot boundaries, such as an unauthorized fence and additional sheds on government land, were demolished using heavy gear in Sector I-9/4.

The authorities issued warnings to discourage individuals from encroaching beyond plot lines.

Moreover, in response to major traffic interruptions at the Rawalpindi-Islamabad intersection, a large operation was performed at Mandi Mor, clearing numerous fruit booths and encroachments and assuring smooth traffic movement.

Five trucks belonging to encroachments were captured in the process.

In Sector C-16, an illegal factory built on government land was dismantled using heavy machinery, facilitating the reclaiming of the land by the authorities.

CDA Anti-Encroachment Operations

The CDA administration added that these activities will continue in the coming days, cracking down on illegal development and encroachments.

These efforts have reclaimed millions of rupees in government land from encroachments in recent months.

The administration’s campaign on illegal encroachments and development will continue, indicating its commitment to restoring public land and upholding order.

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