CDA Approves Commercial Building Plans in Islamabad

CDA Approves Commercial Building

CDA Approves Commercial Building Plans in Islamabad: A Step Towards Urban Development

In a notable move,  Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently convened at the CDA headquarters in Islamabad. The meeting, held on a Wednesday, resulted in the approval of several commercial building plans.

This signals a significant stride in the city’s ongoing development and planning initiatives.

CDA Approves Commercial Building Islamabad

Approved Projects

One of the approved projects includes Plot No. 2 in the prestigious Blue Area (F-6/F-7). This approval underscores the commitment to upholding high standards in one of Islamabad’s prime locations.

Additionally, Sector G-10/4 was the green light for the Competition Commission of Pakistan’s structure, showcasing progress in institutional development.

The approval for a structure in Sector B-17, Street No. 1, Plot No. 5, adds to the city’s expansion into new sectors.

Multiple commercial building plans in locations like Expressway, G-10 Markaz, Service Road East, Zone 4 were also given the nod, reflecting the breadth of ongoing development initiatives.

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Postponed and Deferred Approvals

However, not all projects saw immediate approval. The committee decided to postpone the approval for Plot No. 1, Market No. 5 in Sector I-11/2 due to the absence of the architect.

This underscores the importance of key stakeholders’ involvement in the approval process.

Similarly, the approval for the design of Plot No. A-3 in Blue Area (F-9/G-9) was deferred until the next meeting.

This decision emphasises the necessity of adhering to legal requirements for a smooth approval process.


The recent decisions made by the Design Review Committee of the CDA represent a proactive approach to promote commercial development in Islamabad.

These approvals and considerations demonstrate the city’s commitment to maintaining architectural standards and ensuring that commercial structures align with the broader urban planning vision.

As Islamabad continues to evolve, these developments mark a positive stride in shaping the city’s future landscape.

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