CDA Establishes Division for Urban Growth Management

CDA Urban Growth

CDA Establishes Division for Urban Growth Management

Islamabad: CDA to deal with the problems caused by fast urbanisation and the growth of private housing societies

CDA Establishes Division for Urban Growth Management

In order to address the growing concerns arising from the proliferation of private housing projects and the surging population in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made the decision to establish a dedicated division that will be responsible for monitoring and managing these developments.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has added a new wing called “the Directorate of Regulation, Replanning, and Regeneration.”

The recently established Directorate of Regulation, Re-planning, and Regeneration is dedicated to ensuring that the urban planning and growth of the capital city are effectively and responsibly managed.


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This Directorate is responsible for refining the development activities of private housing societies and other urban areas, operating under the close supervision of the CDA’s Member Planning and Development.

CDA has also approved the addition of a Planning Officer at grade 19 to enhance the Directorate’s effectiveness.

This initiative is a result of the valuable suggestions made by the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice, highlighting the CDA’s proactive approach in managing Islamabad’s intricate urban structure.

The CDA’s strategic move focuses on promoting balanced growth in response to the growing urban challenges, with the goal of achieving a sustainable renewal of the city’s infrastructure and living spaces.

The initiative was approved at a recent CDA Board meeting, during which the Planning Member presented a comprehensive overview of the planned actions.

The Board reached a unanimous decision to approve the proposal, which is a significant milestone in the responsible and fair management of Islamabad’s urban development.


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