CDA Launches Automated System for Building Approvals


CDA Introduces Automated System for Building Approvals, Simplifying the Process

In Islamabad, the Building Control Section South of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started a preliminary survey to geotag all legal and illegal commercial buildings in their jurisdiction.

This means assigning geographical coordinates to these buildings for identification purposes.

Initially, this information will be used internally, but eventually, it will be made accessible to the public through the CDA website.

CDA Launches Automated System for Building

The Building Control Section South is responsible for ensuring that building regulations are followed in Zone IV and V, which include private housing societies and unplanned areas.

Previously, building information was stored in physical files, lacking a centralized and automated system.

To streamline the process, BCS South is developing a portal where housing societies can provide verifications and obtain No Objection Certificates (NOCs). In the third stage, citizens will have online access to their building plans, eliminating the need to visit any office.

They will be able to create an account, submit their plans, track their progress, and receive approvals through the online system without physically visiting the CDA or society offices.

It is important to note that automation has been a long-standing issue, despite previous promises made by city leadership.


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However, the current Director of BCS South, Shafi Marwat, has previously implemented a similar system in rural areas of Islamabad when he served as the director of Building Control Section II a few years ago.

This information will initially be used within the CDA office, but it will later be made public on the CDA website. The BCS South is in charge of building bylaw enforcement in Zones IV and V, which comprise private housing societies and unplanned territories.

There was no centralized or automated system in place previously, and building information was only available in physical files.

The field survey teams are currently present, using Google Maps to designate building sites and add relevant information.

After completion, every feature of commercial and residential buildings will be electronically accessible, including their size, condition, ownership, and legal status.

In response to public complaints about delays, the process for approving building proposals has been automated.

Previously, plot owners had to submit their designs for approval to the offices of the housing societies, which caused delays in getting the cases to the CDA


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