CDA introduces CDA Tower Project for Financial Stability

CDA introduces CDA Tower Project for Financial Stability

CDA plans to build a commercial tower in Sector G-8 to meet Financial Stability

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is building the CDA Tower in Sector G-8 to improve financial stability.

CDA Tower Project for Financial Stability
CDA Tower Project

This project was developed in collaboration with the private sector, demonstrating a strong commitment to innovation and economic development.

The skyscraper has been designed as a commercial hub, with specialised office spaces to meet the specific needs of Islamabad’s burgeoning corporate sector.

To ensure the tower’s financial viability, the CDA intends to use its revenues to meet operational expenditures, exhibiting economic discipline.

Furthermore, specialists are being hired to optimize the tower’s design and functionality while emphasising quality and efficiency.


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CDA intends to diversify its revenue streams through innovative projects and partnerships to ensure long-term financial stability and growth in the capital city, which is consistent with the authority’s vision for sustainable urban development, as evidenced by recent projects such as Pakistan’s largest IT park in G-10.

In light of these developments, the CDA Chairman has emphasised the significance of diversifying revenue streams to ensure the authority’s long-term financial viability.

The CDA strives to lay a solid basis for the capital city’s long-term growth and prosperity by launching new initiatives and utilising strategic collaborations.

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