China Requested to include Babusar Top Tunnel In CPEC

Babusar Top Tunnel

China Formally Requested To Include Babusar Top Tunnel In The CPEC Umbrella Projects

According to reliable sources, the Pakistani government will formally request that China incorporate the Babusar Top Tunnel in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) umbrella projects in order to enhance tourism in the northern territories.

 Babusar Top Tunnel

The government wants to formally request that the 13-kilometer Babusar Top Tunnel be included in the next meeting of the CPEC Joint Coordination Committee.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced the priority building of the tunnel on his first visit to the Diamer Basha dam.

According to the source, the decision to include it in the CPEC umbrella project will facilitate the availability of funding and ensure the project’s timely completion.

The National Highway Authority (NHA) is carrying out the building of the Babusar Tunnel (N-15) project, and the Feasibility Study has been completed.


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The government wishes to expedite the construction of the Babusar Tunnel (N-15), which connects the Kaghan Valley to Chilas, Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

Babusar Top Tunnel

During the winter, Babusar Top is closed, and the region is mostly shut off from the rest of the country.

The area will be accessible all year, thanks to the construction of an underground tunnel of the Babusar pass.

While Great Britain is now a popular summer tourist destination, the tunnel’s development will transform it into a popular winter resort.

Last month, the China-Pakistan Joint Working Group (JWG) on Information Technology Industry selected six areas of cooperation in the Information and Communications Technology sectors, including cyber security, policy regulations, Human Resource Development, and 5G.

It was also resolved during the conference that both states would share a list of projects in which collaborative efforts would be made to fix the challenges.

Mohsin Mushtaq, Additional Secretary Ministry of IT and Telecommunications, noted during the meeting that this JWG and the efforts that will be completed under this connection will benefit both China and Pakistan.

This working group would provide new and exciting opportunities for Pakistani technology companies, as well as aid in the deployment of 5G technologies in the country, he added.



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