PM Imran Inspects Electronic Voting Equipment Developed In Pakistan

electronic voting machines

Prime Minister Imran Khan Inspects Pakistani-Developed Electronic Voting Machine

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan inspected a Pakistani-made electronic voting machine (EVM) manufactured by the science ministry, expressing confidence that “all contestants will accept election results.”

PM Imran tweeted, “Our Science & Technology Ministry is inspecting Pakistani-made electronic voting devices.”

“It appears that Pakistan will finally have elections where all candidates accept the results; congratulations to Shibli Faraz and his team,” he added.


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan earlier cast a “sample vote” on an electronic voting machine (EVM) that could be utilized in future elections to improve its credibility and transparency.

Before casting his ballot, the PM was briefed on the process and the performance of the EVMs in order to ensure that the machines were accurate.

Shibli Faraz informed the PM at the briefing that the EVMs were ready and could not be tampered with.

The federal minister informed the Prime Minister that the machine’s software was of good quality and did not require internet access.

electronic voting machines


The Prime Minister praised the engineers who created the devices. The Ministry of Science and Technology has also agreed to inspect the voting machines for members of Parliament and all four provincial assemblies of the country, as directed by the Prime Minister.

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