Exploring the Popular Swat White Palace

Swat White Palace

The Swat Valley is a world of unsurpassed beauty located in the middle of the rugged Hindukush Mountain range. This wonderful resort, known as the ‘Switzerland of the East,’ has verdant valleys, mountains crowned with dazzling snow, falling waterfalls, calm glaciers, and rivers that seem to whisper secrets of distant regions. It’s a landscape that conjures up ideas from fairy tales.

Among this natural symphony, however, stands a remarkable architectural masterpiece, the White Palace of Swat, which stands as a quiet witness to the passage of centuries.

White Palace of Swat


Join us on a journey through time, peeling back the layers of history to uncover a heritage resonating with untold stories. The White Palace cries out to souls seeking awe from all over the world, with a history that captivates, a design that enchants, and a location that defies reality.


The White Palace of Maraghzar, also known as the “Sufed Mahal,” has a rich history that is connected with Swat Valley’s. The palace was created in the early twentieth century as a symbol of Swat’s princely state and royal heritage. It housed the Wali (ruler) of Swat, signifying the regal authority that once ruled the region. The first Swat king, Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), is attributed to the creation of this fortress, which is located 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif in the scenic village of Maraghzar.


Swat White Palace

The flawless white marble decorating the palace’s walls was taken from the marble quarry in Jaipur, India – the same quarry that gave to the Taj Mahal’s legendary magnificence. When you enter the palace, you are transported to a time of richness and splendor. The palace’s interiors feature intricate woodwork, delicate paintings, and ornate carvings that flawlessly merge traditional Islamic design features with European influences.


The architecture of the White Palace is a combination of styles, representing the multicultural influences that shaped Swat’s past. The structure has gorgeous domes, arches, and balconies that exude elegance and magnificence. The palace’s stark white front contrasts brilliantly with the surrounding vegetation, creating a visual marvel that stands out against the rich landscapes of Swat.

The White Palace Marghazar has 24 spaciously appointed rooms, including the Royal Suite, where Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh stayed for three days in 1961.

There are also two huge conference halls that were originally utilized for cabinet meetings by King Abdul Wadood. The palace has a large entrance hall that overlooks the garden grass. A regal veranda on the right side overlooks a running creek.

The Lord’s Block, on the left side, contains six chambers for ministers and councilors. The Prince Block, located above it, has eight rooms tucked among trees and plants. The Queen’s Block has twelve rooms further up. This block was created by King Abdul Wadood to house his two wives, each with three rooms, three servants’ chambers, and a separate lawn. The second wife’s part is identical to the first. A balcony with marble benches and a table embellished with engraved paintings of grapes is located in front of the lawn.

Swat White Palace


Aside from its architectural significance, the White Palace is culturally significant as a repository of Swat’s rich legacy. The halls and apartments of the palace have seen the passage of time, retaining the memories and customs of generations who have lived in Swat Valley. Exploring the palace allows tourists to connect with the region’s past and learn about the lives of its inhabitants.

Swat White Palace

The White Palace’s surroundings are likewise rich in cultural value. The palace is frequently visited by both tourists and residents, resulting in a lively atmosphere of cultural interchange and admiration. The White Palace offers a multi-faceted experience that caters to every traveler’s interest, whether you’re appreciating the palace’s artistry, participating with the local people, or simply soaking in the breathtaking panoramas.



In recent years, efforts have been made to secure the White Palace’s preservation and reconstruction. Authorities and local organizations are collaborating to preserve this architectural treasure for future generations to enjoy and cherish. The palace’s preservation efforts aim to preserve its structural integrity, safeguard its rare artwork, and give educational opportunities for visitors to learn about its history.

Swat White Palace


Certain elements of this historical monument have withstood the test of time and now necessitate concentrated government efforts, including dedicated funding, to secure the palace’s preservation for future generations.


If you enjoy history and culture, the White Palace of Swat in Maraghzar Valley should surely be on your list of must-see destinations. The fascination of the palace resides not only in its outward splendor but also in the stories it holds and the links it nurtures between the past and the present. As you walk through the palace’s corridors and courtyards, you’ll be immersed in the rich tapestry of Swat’s history and enthralled by the eternal beauty of this architectural marvel.

Swat White Palace


In both the summer and winter seasons, the valley and its gorgeous white palace are open to visitors. During the summer, visitors enjoy its pleasant environment, revitalizing cold water springs, and abundant crops of persimmons, peaches, and apricots, all framed by towering mountain peaks. Even as winter blankets the area in snow, the valley’s appeal remains, enticing visitors with its limitless stretch of spotless white. The White Palace stands majestically in both seasons, wrapping its captivating enchantment around everyone who enters its embrace.


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