Model Forestry Park

After developing the first ever ‘Wetlands project’ near the Bari Imam, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned to develop Islamabad’s first ‘Model Forestry Park’. This will be over 350 acres of land in Malpur area along the banks of Rawal Lake. The park will be the first of its kind. Moreover, it will also have a water body over an area of 35 acres.

Rana Tahir, the Director, Environment, who is the Project Director for ‘Model Forestry Park’ said that the access to this park will be from the Murree Expressway side. “Once we will  fully develop it, it would become yet another big tourist attraction. Especially for the nature lovers who somehow could not climb the trails on Margalla hills. As they would be able to stroll leisurely here,” he said.

He said that we will develop this park  over the next five years. CDA expects a total cost of PKR 1,164 million. He further added that initially we will grow around 150,000 tree saplings of various species.

He said that the CDA has fully acquired the area. Moreover, developing this park will also help regain the land from the illegal possessions.

Rana Tahir said that we will plant local species of trees like ‘Kachnar’, ‘Amaltas’, Chir Pine in the ‘Model Forestry Park.

He also said we will turn that part of this park touching the Rawal Lake banks into a protected migratory bird saa protected .

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