First Eco-Friendly Plastic Road In F9 Park Islamabad

Plastic Road

Pakistan to open its first eco-friendly plastic road in F9 park Islamabad

Islamabad: According to a CDA representative, the building of Pakistan’s first one-kilometer eco-friendly plastic road at F-9 Park would be completed shortly.

In order to reduce pollution, the Capital Development Authority, in conjunction with private enterprises, will soon finish building Pakistan’s first-ever Eco-friendly one-kilometer plastic road in F-9 Park Islamabad, according to CDA Spokesperson Rana Shakeel Asghar.

He told a private news programmer that the Plastic Road is one kilometer long and includes the recycled plastic equivalent of almost one million plastic cups. He went on to say that it is a huge step forward from traditional asphalt roads to future-proof plastic roads that offer both performance and sustainability benefits.

He stated that 500 to 600 tons of municipal garbage, as well as 150 to 200 tons of plastic waste, are collected every day in Islamabad. He stated that recycling the daily collected plastic in road construction will considerably reduce environmental pollution in the city.

eco-friendly plastic road in F9 park

He went on to say that after the F-9 pilot project; the concept will not only be used in Islamabad but will also be copied in other cities throughout the country and on important routes in the capital.

In response to a query, he stated that using plastic inroads will increase the lifetime of roads by making them water-resistant and boosting the resilience of roads to weather changes.

“The same technique can also be utilized for the building of rural roads as it will improve their quality as well as lifespan,” he added, adding that the roads will be a model project in durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness with this environmentally friendly project.

eco-friendly plastic road in F9 park

He also lauded the Green Pakistan programmer as a remarkable initiative of the PTI government, and CDA has become a part of this campaign, where it is making every effort to play its share in planting more trees and beginning massive Eco-friendly initiatives.

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