How to Register Power of Attorney in Pakistan

Power of Attorney

How to Register Power of Attorney in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Power of Attorney, also known as a Mukhtar nama, is an important legal document that authorises someone to act on behalf of another, particularly when the affected parties are unable to attend legal hearings or handle affairs themselves.

This document is very important since it allows for better representation in court hearings and other legal matters.

Furthermore, a Power of Attorney, often known as a letter of attorney, is a legal document that authorises persons to make decisions or perform acts on behalf of others who are unable to do so themselves.

Individuals can better negotiate property-related matters such as buying, selling, or renting properties, as well as tax-related issues, with a Power of Attorney for Property.

Finally, a well-drafted and properly executed Power of Attorney guarantees that legal proceedings run smoothly and reduces the likelihood of future difficulties.

Power of Attorney

Legal Terminologies

It is advisable for you to familiarise yourself with specific terminology pertaining to power of attorney.


Someone who transferred special or general power of attorney to another individual to act on their behalf.


A person authorised to act on behalf of another person, known as the principal, under a specific power of attorney.

This agent or Attorney-in-fact is given either limited or broad legal authority to make decisions on the principal’s assets, finances, and other legal affairs.

Kinds of Power of Attorney

In Pakistan, there are various kinds of power of attorney, each with a distinct function.

  • Special Power of Attorney or Mukhtar Nama Khas
  • General Power of Attorney or Mukhtar Nama Aam
  • Legal Power of Attorney or Wakalat Nama

Special Power of Attorney

A Special Power of Attorney is a legal document that permits persons to appoint a representative to carry out particular tasks on their behalf.

The representative’s powers must be spelt out in detail in the document. Many times in Pakistan, several persons designate a single person as their Special Power of Attorney, especially when family members who live abroad require someone to handle their affairs.

Legal Power of Attorney

A Legal Power of Attorney is a document that you give to the court or the proper agency to confirm that your lawyer will legally represent you in a certain case and court.

It is critical to realise that you require a distinct Legal Power of Attorney for each lawsuit and court.

A Legal Power of Attorney gives your lawyer the ability to represent you in legal issues, but they cannot stand in for you physically, especially when you are required to offer evidence.

If you are an Overseas Pakistani, you can also provide a Legal Power of Attorney to a lawyer or legal firm in Pakistan, but it must be confirmed by your local Pakistani Embassy or Consulate.

Submission Instructions for Power of Attorney Applications

Here is a simple guide to submitting your power of attorney application.

Step 1: Account Creation

To create an account on the POA Portal, an applicant must provide their email address and other relevant information.

Step 2: Applying for POA

Once the applicant has successfully registered and authenticated their account (via an OTP), they may submit the required papers to file for a Power of Attorney (PoA).

Step 3: Biometrics

It is necessary for the applicant to upload their fingerprints onto the given form.

Step 4: Fee Payment

Applicants will be required to pay the application fee and then acquire the results of their biometric verification.

Step 5: Video Interview

The Consular will schedule and perform an online (video) interview with the applicant to evaluate and make the final judgement on the case.

Step 6: Final Consent

The applicant will get an email produced by the system requesting the Final Consent to issue the Power of Attorney (POA).

In summary

A Power of Attorney, or Mukhtar nama, is required in Pakistan in order to grant legal power. It streamlines procedures like real estate transactions and legal representation by enabling people to handle matters on behalf of others.

It’s critical to comprehend the various Power of Attorney forms. The registration procedure entails setting up an account, sending in supporting documentation, undergoing biometric verification, paying a charge, and participating in a video interview.

All things considered, a well-executed Power of Attorney guarantees efficiency and clarity in legal affairs.


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