Work On The I J Principal Road Redevelopment Will Begin Soon

Work on the I J Principal Road redevelopment will begin soon

Islamabad: Work on the I J Principal Road Rs4.9 Billion Renovation Project Will Start Soon.

Within the next 18 months, commuters traveling between Rawalpindi and Islamabad will encounter a reshaped, widened, and repaired I J Principal Road.

The National Logistic Cell (NLC), which was given an Rs4.9 billion contract for the mammoth project of repair and expanding the 10 kilometers long IJ Principal Road from Faizabad to Peshawar Morr, has deployed machinery and set up a site office.

The renovation of the main road, which serves as a major thoroughfare for commuters traveling between the twin cities to get to work. The project entails rehabilitating the existing IJ Principal Road and widening it to four lanes on both sides.

The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) design consultant has proposed two flyovers at the intersections of 9th Avenue and IJ Principal Road, as well as at the intersection of Faqir Appi Road near sector I-11.

I J Principal Road

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Commuters, on the other hand, will have difficulties throughout the building period, which will last around a year and a half. However, according to a project official, the diversion strategy is being developed as the contractor offers a methodology for where the work would begin.

The present I J Principal Road, which has two lanes on both sides, was built around 18 years ago, but the road’s condition began to deteriorate owing to the volume of traffic, particularly heavy cargo.

The restoration of the I J Principal Road is one of the development projects planned by the CDA from its Rs40 billion development budget for fiscal years 2020-21. “We aim to complete the job even ahead of schedule, and there will be no difficulty with funding,” CDA Chairman Aamer Ali Ahmed stated.

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