PM Imran Khan launches 3 new motorways in Balochistan

PM Imran Khan launches 3 new motorways in Baluchistan

Quetta: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched three new motorways in Balochistan.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of three roads under the National Highway Authority (NHA), the Prime Minister said that Balochistan has long been neglected in the past and that the government is taking all measures to minimize the suffering of the local people of the place.

The three highways include Ziarat Harnai Road, Quetta Western Bypass (N-25) and Dera Murad Jamali Bypass (N-65). He also recalled that under his rule 3,300 km of roads had been completed in just two and a half years.

Addressing the participants in the opening ceremony, including the media, Imran Khan said the government is taking all necessary steps to bring Balochistan closer to the other provinces in terms of development.

PM Imran Khan launches 3 new motorways in Balochistan

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 “In addition to improving the infrastructure, the government is also trying to improve the health department of Balochistan in collaboration with the provincial government,” said Imran Khan.

The prime minister said that if serious measures had been taken in the past, the country would have experienced tremendous development. The province had long since been abandoned, but the government would take all necessary measures to minimize the suffering of the locals, he promised.

Compared to 1,100km of highways built by previous governments in 15 years, Khan said his government completed the 3,300km road infrastructure in two and a half years. He said the whole area would develop along the western route of the China-Pakistan economic corridor.

He called the “capture of the elite” responsible for the economic division of society and stressed the need for a development model for all, including the rich and the poor.

Imran Khan said Balochistan suffered from the apathy of previous rulers who had the mentality of ignoring the province.

However, he said, his ideology was to raise Pakistan by elevating and uplifting its weaker segments.

He said that after Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, the government was expanding the health insurance network by 0.1 million rupees per family in Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan, and said the same would be discussed with the coalition government of Baluchistan.

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