Real estate in Pakistan is divided into many types. With the most common ones being residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate. In fact, most residential buildings all over the country are a mix of residential and commercial real estate. They have  apartments beginning from the 1st floor, after the mezzanine and road facing shops and stores on the ground floor. Thus, for the Pakistani’s accustomed to apartment living, living close to a commercial hub is pretty common. However, here are some of the core advantages of living near commercial hubs. OH, the convenience of having everything you need just few steps away! The advantages of living near commercial hub couldn’t be understated. The area is forever active and energetic. In addition, it gives you a slice of the fast life. Especially if you’re a young person with dreams of a dynamic, high-powered lifestyle.


Regardless of whether you’re choosing an apartment, or are looking for a house located just off the street from a commercial center. Here are some of the top advantages of living near commercial hubs:

  • Proximity to shops

  • Better access to amenities

  • Easy access to other parts of the city

  • Excellent Return-On-Investment (ROI)

  • Better business and employment opportunities

  • A higher socio-economic status

Let’s discuss these advantages of living near commercial hub in detail now.


If you are counting the advantages of purchasing a home near a commercial area, this is one of the biggest ones. Whether you live in a big city with an active nightlife like Islamabad or Karachi, or in a small town. Being near to a commercial area means you have access to marts and convenient stores at the oddest of hours.

From small eateries to malls and branded restaurants, commercial centers give you the possibility to leave your car parked at home and just walk to your market in a matter of minutes. Residing above a mall provides you similar convenience. For instance, it allows you to take a trip to your favorite stores at any time. 


Most commercial areas are well equipped with multiple shops. From beauty parlous and barbers to grocery stores, pharmacies, and stationery stores. Similarly,  there’s a lot that a person can find in a commercial area near a residential area. Thus, you do not have to go far to avail the best facilities. Whether you’re craving a spa day or want to work out at a gym. There will be plenty of options available when you’re living close to a commercial hub.Hot-shot commercial areas have the best-in-class features and amenities. For instance, gyms, clubs, boutiques, hospitals, retail stores, and entertainment centers. Therefore, you never have to travel far to get a taste of the “good life”, as you have everything high-end at arm’s length.


Mixed-use real estate is also generally located close to public transport facilities. Thus, allowing you to catch a Metro in some cities and a rickshaw or bus in the others. This means that your home is centrally located to make sure easy travel to all parts of the city. In contrast, this might not be the case if you live in a purely residential community on the outskirts of town or within secured and gated surroundings. The primary reason that sets apart a remote place from a happening commercial area is the ease of access to other prime areas of the city. Wide roads, combined with multiple modes of transports, makes commuting easier. Rather than living in a location that’s far away from the center of the city.


You can expect a high property appreciation values as one of the given benefits of living near a commercial area. Consequently, there will always be a demand for homes and flats located as close to the shops as possible. This results in excellent Return-on-Investment (ROI) when you consider selling the property. Therefore,  living close to a commercial hub is also a great investment opportunity in the long run with commercial property prices being on the rise.

Rental rates for flats in a commercial center will also always be higher. As the proximity to amenities means added convenience for the tenants. Thus, homes and flats in commercial hubs can offer great rental prospects too.


There is nothing better than walking down the street to your workplace, if you own a shop or store. Living in a commercial area can allow you to run your business from home or in your locality. In spite of  having to go further into town, looking for work and business opportunities. Living in a commercial area can also be good for retirees. For instance, they not only get a chance to interact socially with the neighbors. However, they can be active in their immediate surroundings and can also find small  jobs that might keep them busy during their day. 

The same is true for all those people who work in shops, banks, and salons. If you’re looking for a job and live near a commercial hub, finding a job close to home becomes a high possibility. This saves you money on the daily travel. However, also keeps you close to home in case of emergencies without facing long traffic jams on the way.


Truth be told, it’s no less than a high to live in a locality that has everything you want in one place. If you’re surrounded by a fleet of fine-dining restaurants, massive shopping malls, high-rise structures, and an overall upscale lifestyle. It’s only natural that where you live, makes a statement.


In conclusion, these are some of the many advantages of living near commercial hubs in any of the major cities in Pakistan. You can begin your search for the perfect property at 

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