PM visits Chakwal


According to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan will pay a day-long visit to Chakwal today(26.DEC.2020). He will lay the foundation stone of a number of development projects, including a university and a hospital.

The visit is part of the PTI’s government’s vision “to pay special attention to districts neglected in the past.” 

During the visit, the PMO said, the PM will do groundbreaking of a 500-bed hospital. In addition, a university at Balkasar, a small village of Chakwal district.

The PM will also inaugurate the construction work of a law college and ring road, the PMO tweeted. Furthermore, he added delegations of elected representatives and notable personalities will also meet the PM during the visit. This is the Prime Minister’s first visit to the historic city after coming to power in August 2018. 

The visit comes at a crucial time for the party and the PM. As he is under an increasing burden to deliver on his election promise of a strengthened economy. Even as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on global financial markets.

Earlier this week, Khan, at a ceremony held to check the performance of various ministries and divisions. He said the government was left with no excuse for not delivering on its promises. “This is time for performance and delivery,” he had said.

At the ceremony, the prime minister spoke candidly about the pitfalls, the challenges as well as the hardships his government had inherited. Moreover, he emphasized his determination to overcome all the obstacles in the way of good governance and public service.

“We have learnt during the first two-and-half years of the government. Now we have no excuse that we are new. Therefore, now is the time for performance has come,” he had added. “It took us three months just to understand everything. What we had assumed from the outside government was totally different from within government,” he said, adding that some real figures weren’t even accessible for 1.5 years. “A new government should always come into power ready.”

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