PM: Regularize Illegal Housing Societies That Meet Criteria

Regularize Illegal Housing Societies

PM Khan: Regularize Illegal Housing Societies That Meet Criteria

ISLAMABAD: The federal government is considering legalizing all housing societies that meet the legal conditions established by the appropriate authorities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave his approval for the regularization of housing societies during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 15 December 2021, well-established sources

According to the sources, unlawful housing societies would be legalized once a panel evaluates all legal aspects of the process.

regularization illegal housing societies

Meanwhile, Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Planning and Development, discussed the matter of a prohibition on new utility connections in Islamabad during the meeting. He added that a committee in this regard was created in 2019 and expressed concern that a report had not yet been submitted.


Regularization of Islamabad’s illegal Housing Projects

Taking note of the situation, the prime minister issued an order lifting the moratorium on new gas and electricity connections in the federal capital.

In Pakistan, 69 percent of housing societies are unregistered.

According, the government disclosed last December that over 69 percent of the country’s housing organizations are not registered.

According to official documentation, 6,000 housing societies out of a total of 8,767 were not registered with the relevant organizations.

These 6,000 housing societies were formed on forged or partial documents.

Over 4,000 cases of fraud and corruption were filed against 500 organizations. These fraud cases totaled more than Rs300 billion.

As a result, just 2,767 housing societies were registered in the country, with the real estate industry estimated to be worth between Rs15 and Rs20 trillion.


Illegal Housing Societies In Pakistan

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