Foreign Tourists Find Swat Valley Historically Rich

Swat Valley

Tourists From Around The World Find The Swat Valley’s History Fascinating

SWAT: Foreign tourists have termed Pakistan the safest and most appealing country in the world, praising its people for their friendliness.

Tourists from France and Austria, who visited Swat on Monday 14 February, 2022 said the valley was not only beautiful but also historically significant.

Joseph Ponzevera, a visitor from France who visited Swat on a bicycle, said he was impressed by Pakistanis’ kindness and friendliness.

Foreign Tourists- Swat

“I began my voyage from France. I arrived in Pakistan from Iran after visiting ten countries. “I found Pakistanis to be really friendly.”

Visitors From France And Austria Praise Locals’ Hospitality

Foreign Tourists-Swat

He said that schoolchildren and teachers in Swat greeted him warmly.

According to the tourists, Swat was not only gorgeous, but the archaeological monuments in the valley were also outstanding.

Vincent Thomas, another French traveler who visited Pakistan in his van, liked the people of Pakistan as well.

He stated that Pakistan was an ideal tourist destination.

“Tourists will find everything they need in this country.” Pakistan is the most appealing country for international tourists because of its lovely warm plains, magnificent peaks, and thousands of years of history,” he remarked. He went on to say that he was greeted warmly everywhere he went.

Foreign Tourists Swat


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Both tourists stated that they will stay in Pakistan for a few days before departing for India and afterwards Nepal.

Diane B Didi, an Austrian traveler who visited Swat alone, praised the serene environment and hospitality of the locals.

“Contrary to the negative picture that has been projected in the Western world, Pakistan is a unique country with beautiful mountains and cultural variety.” Its folks are quite friendly. “When I arrived in Swat, individuals gave me free lodging in their homes,” she explained.

Foreign Tourists Swat

She stated that she enjoyed her experience in other regions of the country prior to visiting Swat. “Everyone is kind and welcoming.” I learned so much from them, such as the importance of caring and sharing. “I will keep their beliefs close to my heart and share them with the rest of the world,” she continued.

The tourists noted that the people of Pakistan, particularly the inhabitants of Swat, were quite welcoming. They stated that they will spread the message to individuals all across the world.

The tourists went on a hike with the schoolchildren and saw various archaeological sites.


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