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Pakistan has emerged as a popular location for those seeking to invest in new hotel projects. After almost 5 years, hotels in Pakistan have raised dramatically in terms of how many people choose to stay in them and what the average prices are, and this trend is projected to continue.

Since Pakistan is on the rising curve of the current trend cycle, hotels are likely to perform better in terms of returns by being continuously filled and charging higher average rates.

The increase in a new hotel is dependent on the connection between replacement costs and current hotel values. The cities in Pakistan have been graded based on the price of a hotel room and the cost-benefit ratio connected with it.

The rankings may be used as a reference, allowing investors to choose a city in need of development.

The tourist and hotel sector in Pakistan is separated into two categories: inbound and outbound tourism, while the hotel industry is divided into four categories: economy and budgeted hotels, mid-scale and upper-scale hotels, premium and luxury hotels.

The other hotel kinds are classed as Shared Living Spaces, Rented Apartments, and Serviced Apartments, among others.

This blog provides information on the size and outlook of the tourism and hotel industry in Pakistan.


Tourism and Hotels in Pakistan


Market Synopsis

The tourism and hotel industry in Pakistan was valued at almost a billion dollars in 2020, and the market is predicted to increase at a rate of 3% by the end of 2026.

Pakistan’s tourism and hospitality industries are struggling and will continue to suffer as a result of the present situation, as people are hesitant to plan holidays due to the government’s safety measures and different lockdowns around the nation.

In 2019, the travel sector contributed around 7.1 percent to Pakistan’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In any event, the market is experiencing severe losses as a result of the epidemic.

The Pakistani government and citizens hoped that the breakthrough would ignite interest in travel industry subsidiary groups and help people get better-paying jobs.

The group also announced plans to develop and enhance the tourism sector, as well as relax visa restrictions for foreign visitors.

The outbreak of Coronavirus, as well as restrictions on general travel, have wreaked havoc on the government’s plans; as a result, the country will be unable to implement the government’s travel industry system by 2020.

Nonetheless, the market is dependent upon to get energy in the long to medium term. Pakistan has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

In addition, the South Asian nation has set a number of global tourism records, making it a popular holiday spot for travelers.

The government of Pakistan’s travel industry campaign has also aided in raising the country’s profile in the international market.

People are progressively investing in the country’s roads, airports, and other infrastructure, which has only improved travel convenience for everyone.

Pakistan is also becoming a popular investment destination for new hotel development. Pakistan’s accommodations are enjoying a significant increase in growth, both in terms of population and average rate, and this trend is expected to continue in the next years.

However, hotels throughout the country have suffered substantial losses as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Trends in the Market

Increased Foreign Travelers in Pakistan 

The Pakistani government has relaxed the country’s visa policy, which has played a significant role in attracting a big number of international visitors. Over the last six years, 60,070 international visitors have visited the country’s tourism sites, particularly those in the country’s northern regions.

Following the present government’s policies and steps to encourage domestic and international tourism, the country forecasts a roughly 30 percent increase in visitor numbers through 2030.

Pakistan’s overseas tourist earnings were almost 948 million USD in 2019. Although tourist revenues in Pakistan have varied significantly in recent years, they have grown between 2015 and 2019.


The Swat Valley, Skardu, the Hunza Valley, the Hingol National Park, the Kalash Valleys, old mosques and temples, and desserts are among the most magnificent tourist sites in the world.

Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner, visited the Northern Areas in October and said, “In my first visit to the north of Pakistan, I was blown away by its natural beauty.”

Tourism and Hotels in Pakistan

Flourishing Hotel Industry in Country

The hotel business in Pakistan is a growth driver for the country’s economy, and it is constantly expanding and prospering.

Tourism and Hotels in Pakistan

Hotels play an essential part in tourist marketing, and with the changing environment, more hotels are being built throughout the nation. Landster Builders and Developers is stepping into new millennial era with their Grand Projects Landster Spanish  Hotel Apartment (LSHA) and Mall Of Kalam, in Kalam Swat.

LSHA is located between panoramic mountains in the heart of Kalam, with ice-capped peaks in the backdrop and a lush green landscape in the foreground. Hence resulting in a great advancement towards Hotel Industry Development.

Competitive Landscape

This blog focuses on key players in Pakistan’s travel and hotel industries. In terms of brand consciousness, there aren’t many market leaders. Travel businesses in Pakistan provide a variety of inbound and international travel packages in order to attract as many consumers as possible in order to get a competitive edge in the market.

As Pakistan emerges as a vacation destination among travelers, many worldwide and public lodging networks have established a strong position in the market in terms of administrations and contributions.

Recent Developments

Brand Diversity at LSHA

Landster Builders and Developers signed an agreement with various reputable brands including Coffee Planet, China Town, Habib Restaurant, Arshad Khan Chaiwala and many more,  in January 2021 to build an upscale Landster Mall Of Kalam by Landster Builders and Developers.

The project is expected to complete in Kalam, Pakistan, by 2024. The first 7-story hotel apartments will be featuring 121 apartments, including 4 penthouses and it’s located on Main Bahrain Rd, Kalam, Swat, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which has emerged as the hub of promoting tourism.

The location is contemplating ideal because of its close proximity to the Govt. School and Hospital Kalam, Near to Governor House, moreover On top of Kalam Bazar, 30 Km distance from CPEC Road, 30 km from Mahodand Lake and Near PTDC Hotel Kalam.

Landster Spanish Hotel Apartments will form part of residential and commercial development.


This project is an ideal place for both investors and genuine buyers to invest in and secure their future.

This first 7-story building is located inside a gated community, Kalam, Swat, which is synonymous with natural beauty, lush green mountains, peace, and tourism.

A major attraction here is the location of the project, which makes it easily accessible by all major routes.

The apartment’s studio, 1 bed, and penthouses can be booked on a 30% down payment and 15% of the total amount at the time of possession. The remaining amount can be paid in 11 easy quarterly installments.


Very Easy & Affordable Monthly Installments

Monthly Rent 75 PKR per Sqft

On full payment, the rental yield is up 9%.

(6, 75,000 PKR per annum) will be started from day one.

Rental yields on installments can reach 9%.

The amount (6, 75,000 PKR per annum) will be started after the completion time.

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