World’s Largest and Highest Cable Car in Kumrat Valley

World’s Largest and Highest Cable Car in Kumrat Valley

PESHAWAR: Cable car to connect Kumrat Valley to Chitral

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to install a 14 kilometer long cable car, which will connect the picturesque town of Kumrat  🏔  in the Upper Dir with the Madaklasht area in Chitral, for an estimated cost of 32 billion rupees.

The meeting gave the green light to the department to carry out the detailed feasibility study and engineering design of the project.

According to the detailed feasibility study and engineering design for the 14km long project, which will be completed in at least five months, it will cost around Rs. 32 billion.

Kumrat Valley

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However, it was not clear where the huge sum of 32 billion rupees would come from to complete the project on one of the most difficult terrains in the province.

The session was briefed on the essential features of the cable car project that will connect the Kumrat Valley  🏞 with the Lower Chitral’s Madaklasht Valley  🏔 .

The statement stated that the proposed cable car would be the longest and tallest of its kind in the world. Upon completion, it is likely to attract eight million foreign and local tourists to the province and create job opportunities.

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Planners said the proposed project will be the longest and tallest cable car in the world and will attract eight million local and foreign tourists to the province annually.

Not only that, but the project will also create job opportunities for locals in particular and revive economic activity in the province.

Other facilities around the cable car will be parking for incoming tourists, 🏞 a restaurant, and other related facilities.

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