8th Continent Zealandia Discovered By Scientists

Continent Zealandia

“Zealandia” 8th Continent Discovered By Scientists After 375 Years

A group of geologists made news in 2017 when they announced the discovery of Zealandia, the eighth continent.

It was believed to be over six times the size of Madagascar, spanning approximately 1.89 million square miles (4.9 million square kilometers).

Zealandia, Continent

It was named Te Riu-a-Māui in the Māori language.

As per the report the world’s maps, encyclopedias, and search engines for some time were determined over the fact that there are only 7 continents, but the group of geologists confidently informed the masses that their perception was wrong.


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The report stated that there are eight continents in the world. The eighth one had been hiding in plain sight all along.

The latest addition breaks all the records in the world, the smallest, thinnest, and youngest one.

According to the discovery, the new continent is 94% underwater. With a handful of islands, just like New Zealand, it is thrusting out from its oceanic depths.

Andy Tulloch, a geologist at the New Zealand Crown Research Institute GNS Science, who was important for the group that found Zealandia, said: “This is an illustration of how something glaring can require a significant stretch of time to uncover.”

Four years later, Zealandia is as mystifying as ever. Its mysteries are guarded closely beneath 6,560 feet (2 kilometers) of water.

 Zealandia 8th Continent

Questions emerge, such as: How was it formed? What lived there? And, for how long has it been underwater?

However, this is only the beginning. Abel Tasman, a Dutch sailor, was certain that the southern hemisphere contained a massive continent and was eager to discover it in 1642.

He had planned to return, but he did not.

However, we now know that Tasman was right all along. There was, in fact, an undiscovered continent that we were unaware of.

As per geologists, Zealandia is a continent due to the kinds of rocks found there. It is thin and submerged. The ocean floor is made up of igneous rocks such as basalt.

It’s still mysterious how Zealandia remained so evident and unnoticed for so long!


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