Characteristics of a good housing society




  • Gated community
  • Infrastructure/Planning 
  • Affordable prices and instalment plans
  • Approved by concerned authorities
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Location
  • Developers reputation
  • Eco-friendly



People in Pakistan prefer to live in housing schemes. This is due to the desire of Pakistani people to live in peaceful place that provides all amenities. But selecting a good housing scheme in Pakistan is very important to avail the best living environment. Also to reduce the chances of property frauds & scams. 

In Pakistan, people are more inclined towards investing in housing societies rather than abandoned plots. This trend is valid for short-term investments, long-term investment. Moreover for those considering to build residence in a few years. Experienced investors & buyers look for certain Housing Society Features before investing in unlike others. There are salient reasons which attract people to invest & buy plots in their respective housing schemes.


Finding a good residential scheme is not easy. Moreover, if you are new in this field, then there are huge chances that you may get your investment stuck in some fraudulent schemes.

Where the growth in the real estate sector has played a vital role in improving the economy. Similarly, buyers have found it very difficult to choose which ones to live in for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some of the best features that good societies in Pakistan offer. Comprehensive knowledge of these features and facilities will make it easier for you to select the right housing society.

Ever wondered why some real estate projects in your city might be drawing more attention than the others? When it comes to buying a property in Pakistan, both local and overseas buyers usually prefer investing in housing societies owned by reputable developers. Thus, to make sure their investment remains safe. Those looking for short-term investments often buy properties in well-developed projects. Whereas,  those with long-term investment plans mostly purchase the real estate in developing communities. 

Since finding the perfect housing society is just as crucial as finding a perfect house or a plot. Thus, we’ve put together a list of features that seem to attract buyers the most.

 In this blog, we will discuss which housing society features makes it perfect. So, now, let’s start discussing these characteristics.


Here is a list of most features that seem to make a housing society more appealing. 

  • Gated community
  • Infrastructure/Planning 
  • Affordable prices and installment plans
  • Approved by concerned authorities
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Location
  • Developers reputation
  • Eco-friendly

One of the main features people look for in a housing society is security. Hence, gated communities have gained immense popularity over the past decade or so. In fact, construction of such projects is one of the fastest-growing real estate trends in Pakistan.  

Gated communities in Pakistan is described as exclusive residential communities that are usually surrounded by a boundary wall or a fence

With trained staff guarding each point of entry and exit. Along with providing the residents with around-the-clock security, such housing societies also limit the number of outside visitors by only allowing approved residents and guests to enter the premises. 

These restrictions not only help protect the residents against thieves and criminals. However, they also play a crucial role in reducing the traffic on the roads of the society. 

In addition to that, living in a gated community provides residents with peace and privacy. Moreover, they also offer a safer surrounding for children.


Infrastructure, planning and attention to detail are also among the top characteristics of a good housing society in Pakistan. 

Some of the factors that make a housing society more popular among buyer include modern architecture, a network of wide and well-paved roads, underground electric cables. In addition, proper sewerage and sanitation system, green belts and parks, graveyards, designated parking areas, footpaths and pavements, pedestrian crossings, and much more.

This is one of the main reasons why areas such as EIGHTEEN ISLAMABAD, DHA and Gulberg Islamabad are among the top real estate projects for housing in Pakistan. The more accurately-planned a residential community is, the more investors it is likely to draw. It is basic aspect of any housing scheme.

 In fact, it is what makes a scheme worth investing. Moreover, people also consider the overall distance from residential to commercial area within a society.


Affordable prices and easy installment plans are two of the top features of a good housing society. 

Residential schemes with latest infrastructure and a host of other facilities, usually demand higher property rates. However, to encourage buyers from different economic backgrounds, a number of housing societies offer a range of housing options as well as installment plans.

Truth be told, installment plans are somewhat of a catalyst in the real estate industry. Since they provide the buyers with an option to pay for their property over a certain period of time in a series of small payments. Instead of making a huge lump sum payment. 


The approval of concerned development and planning authorities, such as LDA in Lahore and CDA in Islamabad, is also one of the most important features of good housing societies. If a local development authority approves and verifies residential project, it is most likely free of property frauds and scams Hence, making it a safe place to invest. 

You can check the status of a housing society by visiting the official website of the respective planning and development authority to verify their NOC. 


Modern housing societies in Pakistan offer a range of world-class facilities to their residents. Some of the most popular facilities offered by top housing societies across the country include an uninterrupted supply of electricity in the form of backup generators, CCTV surveillance, community centers, sports facilities and playgrounds. Moreover, access to quality health care and reputable educational institutes, mosques, commercial zones featuring outlets of domestic and international brands. They also offer recreational places, restaurants and cafes, and much more. Access to basic utilities such as water and gas connections is also a must. 

Usually, housing societies offering such facilities are relatively expensive. However, they are also the main reason real estate investors tend to buy property in such residential schemes.

Modern housing societies somehow offer their tenants with a variety of world-class amenities.


Location is the most important factor while buying a property or selecting a housing scheme to live in. Properties on prime locations always attract large pool of buyers. Due to the desire of many people to live there. Therefore it’s very important to note the location of a housing scheme.

 Housing schemes located near to city centers, good road & transportation links, shopping areas, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals are ideal for living. For example Domus Heights is in main commercial hub of Bahria Town Phase 7. Zaraj Housing Society and DHA Phase 2 are located near GIGA MALL and AMAZON MALL.

Location is everything in the Real Estate industry. If there is a plot in a far-off place with unpaved paths, living in it doesn’t make any sense. To make matters worse, the city’s main centers are not close, either. In other words, in determining the worth of the housing scheme, connectivity with society along with proximity to the city’s main hub also matters. Location is key a well-placed plot will offer a healthy ROI almost always. Houisng societies like Rudn Enclave, eighteen, Capital Smart City and Blue World City are near M1 and M2. Hence, they are in proximity with New Islamabad Airport, which makes it worth the investment.


While deciding any scheme, Developers’ reputation is the foremost aspect to consider. It actually reflects the overall standard of housing scheme. Buyers and investors usually recommend investing in housing societies owned by reputable developers. Thus, to make sure their investment remains safe.

 Another aspect to also view is previous track record. Does the developer have enough machinery, man power, finances? Has he previously honored his commitments on his earlier projects? This will help you decide the developers credibility.

If he has already upheld his promises on his earlier projects, this will help you assess the reputation of the developers.


Given the amount of the country’s water shortage, it is crucial to pursue eco-friendly methods.  For example, conserving water through the use of rain\water harvesting systems. Choose a property that has environmentally-friendly features such as solar panels, energy-efficient furniture, etc.


Considering that the demand for living homes is growing at a fast rate in Islamabad there’s a boom of residential ventures. But unfortunately, not all they are as rewarding as they might seem. 

We recommend our readers do their research prior to investing their hard-earned investment. As the getting profit from all societies does not always guarantee a safe investment.

We have mentioned some of the characteristics of societies which we believe will prove to be a solid investment. 

This brings our discussion on the unique features of top housing schemes in Pakistan to an end.

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