Remodeling of Ammar Chowk Project Completed

Remodeling of Ammar Chowk Project Completed

RDA: Ammar Chowk  project is finally finished, and the Kacheri Chowk project is next

Rawalpindi: Chairman (RDA) Tariq Mehmood Murtaza said that the remodeling work on the Ammar Chowk project had been finished and that work on the Kacheri Chowk project had begun.

 Remodeling Ammar Chowk project

He claimed that construction on Ammar Chowk, Kacheri Chowk, and Defense Chowk had been finished and that work on Kacheri Chowk (which consists of a one-kilometer-long, two-lane-wide underpass) will begin shortly, bearing in mind the traffic load and continuity of vehicular flow on these routes.

On Sunday 23 January 2021, he spoke about three mega projects in Rawalpindi, including Ammar Chowk, Kachehri Chowk, and Defense Chowk, and said that the Ammar Chowk project had been completed, and that work on the Kachehri Chowk project would begin very soon, taking into account the traffic load and the continuity of traffic flow on these roads.

According to Tariq Mehmood, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has authorized the Kachehri Chowk project, which is expected to cost roughly Rs4.7 billion. He stated that the two-story flyover design of the Kachehri Chowk project design is unique and would be the first of its type in the country.


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He stated that the design work for Kachehri Chowk has been done, and that service relocation would begin very soon in January 2022, with the tendering phase beginning in March 2022. He stated that after the development work on this project is done, the Defense Chowk project would begin, at a cost of Rs2.1 billion.

According to the Chairman RDA, initiatives have been done to make the surrounding region clean and green in accordance with the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s goal.

Throughout the building process, considerable care has been taken to guarantee that individuals have the least amount of difficulties and are not restricted in their mobility.

He stated that development work is continuing despite Covid-19 last year and the hard winter season.

The chairman praised the pace and quality of work on Ammar Chowk and expressed gratitude to the development and construction companies involved.


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