CDA Approves The Annual Budget for 2023–24

CDA Annual Budget

CDA approves the Annual Budget for fiscal years 2023-24

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved the budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, totaling Rs150, 948.20 million.

The CDA’s estimated spending is Rs150, 095.74 million. The current budget will have a surplus of Rs852.46 million.

An important meeting of the CDA Board was conducted at the CDA Headquarters, presided over by Noor Mengal.

cda budget

The CDA board approved the world’s largest bird aviary, which would be built in Islamabad’s F-9 Park. Birds from all over the world will be raised in the 10-acre aviary.

The primary goal of this bird aviary is to create a sanctuary for numerous bird species, while also contributing to biodiversity conservation and providing entertainment and information to park visitors.

The Aviary will be created through an open auction using the DBOT (Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer) methodology.

Furthermore, the CDA board approved the layout plan of Sectors D-13, E-13, and F-13. The revised LOPs of the above sectors were presented, and in light of the board’s opinions and instructions, the revised LOPs will be planned in accordance with the modern manner, keeping in mind the requirements of the present era.

The CDA board has approved the open sale of 20 Capital Street Islamabad plots. Capital Street’s rules and regulations were also adopted by the board. The board also directed the development of investor-friendly rules and the regulation of capital markets.


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