CDA Explores Drones for Firefighting High-Rise In Islamabad

CDA Considers Drones for Firefighting in High-Rise

The CDA plans to use drones to fight fires in High- Rise Residential Buildings In Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is actively researching drone technology to improve firefighting efforts in Islamabad’s high-rise structures.

CDA Considers Drones for Firefighting in High-Rise

The Ministry of Science and Technology asked federal, provincial, and other public and private organizations and authorities to adopt the 2016 Fire Safety Provisions, prompting the decision to study this potential.


The city now possesses 25 fire tenders and four snorkels, although the snorkels have limited access to large structures in an emergency. Additionally, the data and images collected by, these drones are used to enhance maps for firefighting techniques.


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Despite the potential benefits of drone technology in firefighting operations, a spokesman stated that discussions about its implementation are still ongoing. Drones are capable of mapping fire cordons, locating hotspots, and providing real-time spatial awareness, particularly in high-rise structures.


Drone technology has already been successfully employed in Islamabad for various operations, such as surveillance in hiking trails and other sensitive areas. These specialized drones are equipped with high-definition cameras capable of thermal imaging, allowing them to detect heat sources, even at night or through the smoke. In other developed countries, firefighting drones are equipped with multiple sensors that aid in mapping fires and updating fire landscapes.


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