CDA Developed Around 50 Parks In Islamabad

CDA has developed around 50 parks in Islamabad

CDA Develops 50 Parks In Islamabad at a Cost of Rs341 Million.

Islamabad: On March 30, 2022, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has built fifty new parks in Islamabad at a cost of Rs341 million to provide citizens with recreational and healthy activities.

According to our information, the CDA has invested PKR 341 million in comparable initiatives in the capital for recreational and aesthetic objectives.

According to current sources, these parks have been created in numerous sectors of Islamabad, including I-8, I-9, I-10, I-11, F-10, F-11, G-7, G-11, G-14, I-14, I-16, D-12, H-8, F-6, and E-14,

Parks by CDA

As per CDA spokesperson, Khanna Pul, Shakar Parian, Shakrial, Bani Gala, Mulpur, Shazad Town, and Rawal Town are among the other places.


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CDA will also invest in many additional projects for aesthetics, repair, and rehabilitation, according to the statement.

An art gallery, a  the construction of a mosque, and a central square are among the infrastructure initiatives in F-9 Park.

In sectors E-7, Zero-point, Serena Chowk, and 7th Avenue, several other parks and beautification projects will be launched in order to provide more healthy activities to the population.


Upgrading the art gallery, center square, and cricket ground in F-9 Park, rehabilitation of the amphitheater, jogging track on the green belt connected to Sector E-9, wood carvings and calligraphy in F-9 Park, and construction of a sit-out area in the park are among the other beautification activities.

Cycling and jogging paths, as well as pedestrian pathways, will be built. The project’s major goal was to improve Islamabad’s infrastructure and beautify the city.


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