CM Naqvi Orders Making Babu Sabu Toll Plaza

Babu Sabu Toll Plaza

CM Naqvi Orders Making Babu Sabu Toll Plaza

 Proactive Measures Transforming Babu Sabu Toll Plaza for a Smoother Commute

Lahore: In a bid to address the persistent traffic issues at the Babu Sabu Toll Plaza, Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, recently undertook a late night inspection of the site.

The visit not only showcased the chief minister’s hands-on approach but also emphasized his commitment to resolving transportation challenges faced by citizens.

During the inspection, CM Naqvi carefully examined the ongoing construction activities at the toll plaza and directed authorities to expedite the project’s spaciousness.

Recognizing the need for both remodeling and expansion, Naqvi stressed the importance of resolving traffic blockages at the Babu Sabu Toll Plaza.

 Babu Sabu toll plaza

One of the key directives from CM Naqvi was to increase the labor force during nighttime operations, utilizing all available resources for the timely completion of the project.

This proactive approach highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring that infrastructure projects are not only initiated but also executed promptly.

The chief minister’s focus on resolving traffic issues is a significant step towards enhancing the daily commute for citizens.

By acknowledging the challenges posed by constant traffic jams at Babu Sabu Toll Plaza, Naqvi has signaled his determination to create a more efficient and seamless transportation system.

CM Mohsin Naqvi’s emphasis on the government’s commitment to resolving these issues reflects an understanding of the impact that traffic congestion can have on the lives of citizens.

By prioritizing infrastructure projects and addressing transportation challenges, the government aims to improve the overall quality of life for the people of Punjab.


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