CDA Announces Plan to Plant 10 Million Trees in Margalla Hills

CDA Plant 10 Million Trees in Margalla Hills

CDA Announces Plan to Plant 10 Million Trees in Margalla Hills

Islamabad: The Margalla Hills will once again be covered with forest, according to a project started by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in a major step towards environmental conservation.

CDA Plant 10 Million Trees in Margalla Hills

The innovative project aims to plant 10 million trees throughout the Margalla Hills National Park with an investment of PKR 2 billion.

The project tackles environmental issues like invasive species and diminishing greenery.

The Margalla Hills National Park in Islamabad, which covers 908 square kilometres, is confronted with issues including invasive species and dwindling greenery.


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The initiative will support environmental balance and sustainable land management.

The CDA intends to improve the park’s flora and wildlife during a five-year period by resurrecting native species and carrying out actions including building check dams and water ponds.

In addition, the project’s promotion of tourism would strengthen the local economy and safeguard the area’s natural resources.

In order to ensure a greener future for future generations, the Margalla Hills reforestation project requires a collaborative commitment to sustainable development and environmental management.


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