Dota 2 Is Getting An Anime Series On Netflix Next Month

Valve’s popular MOBA game, DOTA 2, will have an anime series on Netflix. It will be an 8-episode series called Dota: Dragon’s Blood and will launch on Netflix on March 25th.

Dota 2 Dragons Blood

It seems that more and more of the best PC games are ready for animated adaptations. Not only do we have Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and a Tomb Raider ‘anime’ series on the way – streaming giant Netflix has just announced that it also has an anime series based on the Dota universe.

It will tell the story of a dragon knight, enduring melee force heroes with swords and shields in the game, named Davion, who is “dedicated to wiping the scourge off the face of the world”. During his travels, Davion meets an ancient eldwurm (a race of dragons) and the noble princess Mirana. As with epic tales like this, Davion finds himself embroiled in much bigger events than he bargained for.

The announcement brings a trailer that gives us a good peak at the upcoming series, which you can watch below. Made in collaboration with Valve, the series is called Dota: Dragon’s Blood and it seems that the hero of Dota 2 Davion, the dragon knight, will play a key role. The clip opens with a voice asking, “What’s your name?” to which comes an answer: “Davion, Dragon Knight”.

As detailed in the tweet and clip, the good news is we won’t have long to wait for the show, either, as it arrives in just over a month’s time on March 25. Details beyond what the trailer shows are a bit scary at the moment, but according to Deadline, it will consist of eight episodes and will also feature heroine Mirana, the Princess of the Moon.


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