Illegal housing society

‘The developers of illegal companies will be penalized’

LAHORE: Punjab Minister of Law and Cooperatives Raja Basharat said those who have developed illegal housing companies across the province will face punishment and directive from Prime Minister Imran Khan as savings protection would be guaranteed to the poor.

He said this on Tuesday while chairing a meeting of the National Coordination Committee for Building, Construction and Development. The committee considered an action plan to launch an offensive against illegal housing companies in the province. Raja Basharat said that decades-old illegal societies had not been regularized so far and no action had been taken against anyone while savings of millions of people had sunk into these societies. He said that the committee would determine the causes of illegal societies, private and government officials involved therein.

The law minister sought a complete register of illegal companies across Punjab for the next meeting. Earlier, Punjab Local Government Secretary Noorul Amin Mengal suggested that for effective action, illegal companies should be categorized, i.e. those that meet the legal requirements, those non fulfilling the requirements and other societies, while Measures must be taken to regularize first-class companies. It was reported that of the 596 illegal businesses in the jurisdiction of the ADL, 246 were established in green areas.

Price hike: Industry and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said regulating the supply chain mechanism of essential goods is key to overcoming price increases.

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The minister who chaired a meeting of the Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) in CM’s office here on Tuesday decided to take measures to improve the situation of agricultural markets and sought a plan to establish model markets at the level of division.

DG Industries, DG PAMRA and others attended the meeting, while PAMRA President Naveed Anwar Bhindar briefed the participants on the organizational performance. Agriculture Minister Hussain Jehanian Gardezi and Economic Affairs Adviser Salman Shah were also present

NGO: The Punjab government has canceled the registration of 200 NGOs. A report was sent to the Prime Minister that the registration was canceled because NGOs were unable to submit funding records and did not follow a standard vetting process. In addition to this, hundreds of NGOs were also included in the checklist.

Illegal housing society

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