Regularization of Islamabad’s illegal Housing Projects

Regularization of Islamabad's illegal Housing Projects

The Government Has Decided To Regularize Housing Societies In The City

Islamabad: Administration of the Pakistan People’s Party (PTI) has planned to regularize illegal housing societies.

Housing societies in Islamabad’s Zones II, IV, and V have been approved for registration by the Cabinet. Earlier last year, the federal Cabinet established a committee to review the Islamabad Master Plan.

Second, on December 28, 2018, the Ministry of the Interior released a notice about the situation. Following that, the government, as a result of a Cabinet Decision of August 3, 2019, changed a number of experts in order to guarantee that the assignment was completed on time.

It completed its work and provided an interim report on the evaluation of Islamabad’s Master Plan, modification of building bye-laws and planning criteria, and the revision of planning parameters.

It also recommended modification of modalities and processes for the construction of private housing projects in Islamabad as well as a call for bids from consultants to evaluate Islamabad’s Master Plan, which was included in the document.

illegal housing societies

In an October 14 presentation to the Federal Cabinet, the sponsoring ministry shared its results, and the Cabinet unanimously decided to accept the Consultant’s Terms of Reference.

Following approval by the Planning Commission, the CDA should reimburse the Consultant’s fees.

In addition, the CDA Board approved the hiring of a consultant to review Islamabad’s Master Plan, which was in line with a Federal Cabinet decision. The procedure for hiring a consultant to analyze Islamabad’s Master Plan will begin shortly.

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An assessment committee for the Islamabad Master Plan, which was being prepared by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), had been established by the Ministry of Planning and Development.

With a comprehensive study and a detailed action plan, the Master Plan Commission delivered its first report. Consultancy services are needed for the interventions mentioned in the Master Plan Commission Report, and the government is responsible for obtaining them.

After then, until the Committee elects a Chairman from among its members, Chairman CDA would act as the Commission’s Convener. For the sake of carrying out its day-to-day duties, the Commission may hire technical experts on its own as and when required by law.

Several zones of Islamabad, including Zones II, IV, and V, were considered for the formation of a committee to give advice and develop an effective strategy for the regularization of irregular housing projects in these zones, as well as other zones.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the CDA would also offer the necessary personnel and logistical support for the operation.

The Commission’s activities would be funded by the CDA. Within the framework of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) attached and the CDA Ordinance, 1960, the Commission would serve as an advisory body to the Authority, providing recommendations on the regularization of unlawful housing societies in Islamabad, among other things.

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Members of the panel will receive an honorarium from the government. Following the Punjab government’s Terms of Reference, the government prepared the Commission’s Terms of Reference in line with those rules.

The following suggestions had been presented to the cabinet by the Minister of the Interior. He advocated for the removal of the names Naveed Aslam and Salman Mansoor off the list.

In addition to the current members, he suggested that six additional names be added to the list of those who would be involved in the assessment of Islamabad’s Master Plan.

Between now and then, the committee will begin the process of approving unapproved housing projects in different neighborhoods across Islamabad. Following the discussion, the Cabinet approved the names of the Committee members, with the exception of Maj. Gen. Farrukh Javed, (M) (Retd), whose nomination would be subject to further examination by the Committee.

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