Kaghan Valley To Sustain Tourism, Real Estate Activity

Kaghan Valley To Sustain Tourism, Real Estate Activity

Government Initiatives in Kaghan Valley To Sustain Tourism, Real Estate Activity

In the Kaghan Valley, the government is taking steps to support tourism and real estate development.

The present government’s achievement in reviving the economy after the pandemic can largely be ascribed to two factors: increasing building activity and related businesses, and growing the country’s tourism base. As a result of these factors, Pakistan’s real estate business has been dubbed one of the greatest in the area of South Asia, while its tourist sector has remained stable and received several awards. The government is currently striving to establish sustainable tourist and real estate activities in the Kaghan Valley. Let’s take a closer look at each of these efforts to see how they will affect the valley in the long run.

kaghan valley swat pakistan



In Pakistan’s northern regions, the Kaghan Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys. Its capital, Naran, is particularly well-known for attracting millions of tourists each year, and it is home to popular tourist attractions such as Babusar Top, River Kunhar, and charming small towns dotted with handicraft stores.

Let’s take a look at what the government is doing to safeguard the Kaghan Valley’s economic viability.

kaghan valley swat pakistan


According to a news release, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa initiated an anti-encroachment operation in the Kaghan Valley, early July to clear the region of illegal structures, particularly hotels and motels, and to reclaim unlawfully occupied state land. More than 2,000 unlawful structures have been demolished since the operation began.

Six hotels, 6,000 illegal dwellings, and 22 sections of structures were among the items seized. According to sources, 700 kanals of state land along the Kaghan-Naran-Jalkhad Road have been cleared of unlawful encroachments.

Prior to starting a week-long anti-encroachment campaign in the valley, the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) sent notifications to owners of said building, according to news reports. Illegal structures along the River Kunhar have also been dismantled in order to restore the river’s and valley’s aesthetic splendor.

In addition, the KDA has received a PKR 200 million grant for the construction of a walnut oil extraction mill, the upgrade of the N-15 Karakoram Highway, and the development of a fishing and aquatics school.

However, it is incorrect to believe that the anti-encroachment campaign in the Kaghan Valley is anti-tourism in character. This is because the current administration is striving to make environmentally sustainable tourism, or eco-tourism, one of the primary pillars of its tourist push.

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According to reports from major news organizations, Prime Minister Imran Khan has identified tourism as the future of Pakistan’s economic growth and has begun a series of initiatives to promote it. The majority of these were implemented at the start of the epidemic, whereas tourist initiatives in 2021 have given the industry a whole new meaning.

One noteworthy example is the KP Government’s Summer Tourism Policy 2021. This is because the current administration thinks that the tourist sector, which has the ability to produce important foreign money, can help the country repay its debts on its own.

The current anti-encroachment effort is part of this program, which aims to protect the valley’s natural beauty and simplify building operations so that tourist-related rents may be controlled and become a source of sustainable tourism.

kaghan valley swat pakistan

kaghan valley swat pakistan

kaghan valley swat pakistan

A report by a leading newspaper has quoted Chief Minister Mahmood Khan who had expressed the KP government’s eagerness in protecting the flora and fauna of the Kaghan Valley, especially its commercial hub, Naran. In addition to this, river rafting rules for the Kunhar River are also being formulated to ensure the safety of the tourists. Moreover, trout farming and tree plantation is also being carried out.

As part of its Clean Green Initiative, the valley will soon switch to biodegradable plastic, while excavation and rehabilitation are also underway on 18 British-era running and pedestrian tracks. As the Patriata chairlifts are popular with tourists, the government is now working to build the Battakundi-Lalazar chairlift project. Adventure sports in the Naran Valley have also grown in recent years and bike rides and marathons are now regularly organized, which is another thing that attracts tourists.

Furthermore, the government is trying to deploy patrol personnel in the region to monitor any unlawful fishing, mining, or deforestation operations.

As in the Kaghan Valley, about 50 kilometers from the city of Mansehra, an area known as Sohnisar is developing as a tourist destination. This place is mainly known for its crystal clear lakes. This place is only accessible by professional hikers and is home to four lakes, waterfalls, and meadows.

kaghan valley swat pakistan


kaghan valley swat pakistan

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