Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara Declared Dead By Family

Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara Declared Dead By Family

It’s with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that this country bids goodbye to one of it’s best son, Ali Sadpara, who along with his two comrades was officially declared dead after frantic search operations failed to locate the men on the treacherous slopes of K2, the second-highest peak in the world.

“Mountains require passion. “Aap ki dillagi hone chahiyee paharoon kay saath” [your heart must be in love with the mountains] said a beaming Muhammad Ali Sadpara in 2016 when I asked him what it takes to become a mountaineer.

Perhaps there is some comfort in the fact that his final resting place will be in the mountains that he loved so much. Ali Sadpara may not have succeeded in his mission to reach the summit of K2 in winter without oxygen, but he has reached another summit that few have managed to climb. He managed to make the most of all of us who followed the epic rescue efforts organized after his disappearance. During those few days, as we all held our collective breaths desperately awaiting the good news, he united us in our grief and gave us a legend to collectively possess and honour.

All the meteorologists, mountaineers and experts of the Pakistani army have come to the conclusion that a human being cannot live for that long in such a harsh climate. That is why we announced that they no longer exist, “said Raja Nasir Ali Khan, provincial minister of tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan, where K2 is located. Khan said the search for the bodies would continue.

The minister said: “The government pay tribute to honours the services of the national hero Ali Sadpara, and who will receive a civilian award along with his son Sajid Sadpara. A mountaineering school will be established in the name of Ali Sadpara.

“My family has lost a kind father and the nation of Pakistan has lost a great, brave and experienced mountaineer. I will keep my father’s mission alive and make his dream come true,” said Ali Sadpara’s son, Sajid Sadpara, announcing the news of his father’s death.


Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara Declared Dead By Family

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 Pakistani singer Ali Zafar paid musical tribute to mountaineer ace Ali Sadpara with his latest performance

Launching a musical tribute “Tum Chalay Ao Paharon Ki Qasam” to the legendary mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Zafar declared: “No nation can prosper without recognizing and celebrating its heroes. Ali Sadpara was one of those anonymous heroes who dedicated all of his life and he was risking unprecedented feats for his country. “

Paharon Ki Qasam | Ali Zafar | A Tribute To Ali Sadpara | Official Video

No nation can thrive without recognising and celebrating their heroes. Ali Sadpara was one such unsung hero who dedicated his entire life and risked it to accomplish unprecedented feats for his country. This is the least I could do: sing for an unsung hero so that he is etched into our memories for as long as there is music.Muhammad Ali Sadpara is the only Pakistani to have climbed eight of the world's 14 highest mountains, and he made the first ever winter ascent of the world's ninth highest peak, Nanga Parbat. Notable achievements of Ali Sadpara are: Gasherbrum II in 2006, Nanga Parbat four time (2008, 2009, 2016 – First winter ascent – and 2017), GI in 2010, Broad Peak Fore summit in 2012, Broad Peak in 2017, K2 in 2018, and Lhotse Makalu and Manaslu in 2019.Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri from Iceland and Jp Mohr Prieto from Chile, went missing on February 5 during the expedition to K2.

Posted by Ali Zafar on Wednesday, 17 February 2021


Sadpara is the only Pakistani who have climbed eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world and made the first winter ascent of the ninth highest peak in the world, Nanga Parbat.

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