Islamabad To Become Pakistan’s First Pedestrian-Friendly City

Pedestrian-friendly City

CDA Plans To Make Islamabad Pakistan’s First Pedestrian-Friendly City

To minimize pollution, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to prohibit the use of private transportation in Islamabad.

Dr. Naveed Iftikhar, the Chairman of the CDA, recently met with a well-known urban development expert to discuss the possibility of making the capital region more pedestrian-friendly.

The seminar was convened in response to CDA management’s goal to investigate further ideas to make Islamabad more pedestrian-friendly.

Pakistan First Pedestrian- Friendly City

During the conversation, Dr. Iftikhar emphasized the significance of improved signage and awareness efforts, as well as the examination of pedestrian needs.

He emphasized the city’s lack of services and infrastructure that are required to support pedestrianism.

He promised to help the CDA with the development and promotion of pedestrian and environmental programmer. During the conference, it was mentioned that the Capital Development Authority, which has already chosen to complete walkways surrounding Islamabad, will eventually create a pedestrian map for inhabitants.


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The chairman claimed that excessive use of private transportation is the primary cause of increased air pollution in Islamabad, and addressed the implementation of paid parking and the introduction of a bus service in March 2022.

He also informed the policy specialist on the development of a pedestrian map.

Paid parking, according to the chairman, will be introduced in conjunction with the introduction of buses, which is scheduled for the end of March.

The expert indicated that limiting the use of private transportation in the capital city necessitates a complex strategy, and volunteered to assist CDA in developing and implementing one.


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