Punjab CM Launches “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” Project

Punjab CM Launches “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” Project

Punjab CM Launches “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” Project

Lahore: During a special meeting to improve Punjab’s socioeconomic development, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced the “Sarkein Bahaal, Punjab Khushhal” project.

Punjab CM

CM Punjab has issued an order requiring all roads in the province to be restored within the next six months.

The repair and restoration work will encompass both inter- and intra-district roadways, and it will be done with the goal of preserving high-quality standards throughout.


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To dramatically improve connectivity, the order requires the urgent repair and rehabilitation of over 153 highways in Punjab, as well as the construction of expressways on link routes like Multan-Vihari and Chiniot-Faisalabad, which would be supported solely by public-private partnerships.

It has been discovered that a comprehensive survey was conducted using Road Right media to assess road conditions over a total distance of 7,948 kilometers.

An additional 2,000 kilometers were surveyed using profilometer analysis. The assessment of road conditions was based on a comprehensive review of 100 different factors.

CM Maryam has directed that electric weighing devices be installed along roadways in order to develop an effective axle load management system.


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