Oh, Come On! STOP Comparing‘Pawri Girl’& ‘ACCA Topper’ Because Both Are Precious

Zara Naeem Dar:ACCA Topper 

Zara Naeem Dar, a student originally from Lahore, topped the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams and became the world award winner. Meanwhile, Instagram influencer Dananeer Mobeen went viral on social media for her pawri ho rahi video. Now, people are comparing the pawri girl to the ACCA topper, the confrontation between the two sparked a debate on Twitter.

There is no doubt that Pakistan has been blessed with talented young people. In addition to this, given the opportunity, these young people can achieve surprising success globally.

Zara scored top marks on the Financial Reporting Exam in December 2020. she also created history by creating a world record in the ACCA exam where over 527,000 students from 179 countries appeared.

Dananeer Mobeen: Social Media Influencer

At the same time, Dananeer Mobeen is a 19-year-old social media influencer from Peshawar who creates content on a variety of topics, from the latest fashion trends to mental health issues. she became famous after a recently shared “pawri” video was not only overwhelming but very surprising for her as well. “pawri” meme has become such a hit that it has now crossed the line. “Ye humari car hai. Aur ye hum hai. Aur ye humari pawri horahi hai”.

Several people recreated her video and the girl set a new trend! From celebrities to hundreds of social media users, everyone likes pawri. The internet was flooded with various memes, with some recreations of the video made by celebrities and users.

Famous Indian music producer Yashraj Mukhate made a remix of the viral video. The girl behind the pawri video is an Instagram influencer and content creator.

Now, the question that social network users have asked themselves is “who deserves more recognition”. It should be noted that earlier, when Pawri’s video went viral, the most important news Dar topping the ACCA exam faded a bit.

Pakistanis were not happy that netizens placed more emphasis on the meme girl than on “pride of the nation”. Twittersphere is now drawing parallels between Zara and Dananeer (Geena), to understand where the priorities of most Pakistanis lie. Seriously guys!

Despite the ongoing debate that it’s still trending on Twitter and people are comparing the pawri girl to the ACCA adornment. Sadly, these kinds of attitudes show a great decline in our society it should be noted that both girls are Precious.

Give Pakistani girls the same opportunities and they can face and beat the best in the world. Proud of Zara Naeem and wish her the best in her future goals. Imagine a Pakistani girl competing between 180 countries around the world and scoring 100 percent, making Pakistan proud of her genius.

An adequate platform and encouragement from the parents and the nation are the key elements to achieve the goals as Zara did. We hope that even more heroes and deserving personalities will be celebrated and appreciated in the same way as Dananeer Mobeen.

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