The CDA Approved PC-1 of Five Infrastructure Development Projects

CDA Approved

Five Infrastructure Development Projects

ISLAMABAD: The CDA Development Working Party has approved PC-1 of five major projects for infrastructure development in Islamabad. In addition, PC-2 of a project was also approved. This approval was given in the conference that was held under the presidency of chairman CDA, Amir Ahmed Ali.

One plan is to open and rebuild IJP Road. Three flyovers will be constructed on this road at a total cost of Rs. 6.99 billion. One flyover will be constructed at the crossroads connecting Ninth Avenue and Stadium Road and the other flyover will be constructed at the crossing of Faqir Epi Road in front of Pir Wadhai, included in approved plans.

In addition, the CDA decided to reconstruct a monumental portrait of the Quaid-e-Azam on the Islamabad Expressway. Rs 56 million will be spent on it and now a safety belt will be set up around it.

The meeting also approved the construction of new classrooms in 22 schools under the reform program proposed by the Prime Minister.

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