First Islamabad-Istanbul Train Reaches Turkey

First Islamabad-Istanbul Train Reaches Turkey

First Islamabad-Istanbul Train Reaches Train Reaches Turkey After Nearly 10 Years

LAHORE: On Monday, January 3, 2022, the first freight train connecting Istanbul and Islamabad via Tehran arrived in Ankara via Lahore, Taftan, and Zahedan, completing a 17-day journey in just 13 days.

However, a second train to Turkey is already on its way.

“The first train that went on December 21 from Islamabad carrying cargo (primarily pink salt) reached Ankara (Turkey) on Monday evening,” Pakistan Railways Director (Operations) Imtiaz Ahmad told the media. The products loaded onto the train were moved to other bogies (trans-shipment) compatible with the Iranian and Turkish rail/gauge systems before arriving at their destination.”


Islamabad Istanbul Train


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“The train comprised of eight carriages carrying pink salt weighing 150 tonnes,” Pakistan Railways Director (Operations) Imtiaz Ahmad remarked.

The second train, which left Azakhel dry port on December 28, delivered 525 tons of soapstone, according to him. It has entered Iran and will arrive in Zahedan shortly to complete the transshipment operation.

Islamabad Istanbul Train

Mr. Ahmad, who is also the focal person for the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad (ITI) line, said the first and second trains earned Pakistan Railways Rs800,000 and Rs2.2 million, respectively, in response to a question.

Ahmad also stated that a third train would depart for Turkey soon, as freight forwarders assess demand and load.


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“We expect various commodities to be sent from Turkey to Pakistan, and freight forwarders there are working on it,” Ahmad said.

He stated that reconnecting Pakistan Railways to the international rail network would significantly help the country’s economy.

Turkey has become a popular destination for Pakistanis in recent years, whether for travel purposes or higher education. Interestingly, Pakistani nationals are also moving to Turkey and easily obtaining citizenship in the country. New regulations set in the country allow all foreigners to become Turkish citizens. However, the only requirement is to invest in the country financially or purchase a property.


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